About Us

Steve O & Rene have a taste for radio and restaurants so they whipped up a broadcast meal called The Eat & Critique Show. “The recipe is simple. Stir together two knowledgeable hosts, lots of gift certificates to fine dining restaurants in South Florida, Celebrity Interviews, high profile Chef interviews, and searching for the good, the bad, and the ugly restaurants. Then serve the whole mixture piping hot on Radio/TV/Twitter, and Facebook.

Rene and Steve O are very passionate about food, service and ambiance, so here they are. “We are not your everyday restaurant critics” Rene says We want to inform our listeners and viewers about the best places to dine in South Florida along with the places not to waste your time or money and do it in an entertaining way. Each week our audience continues to grow as word gets out about The Eat & Critique Show.

We love finding the small out of the way restaurants as well as helping get their name out to our audience. We feel so blessed to receive over 250 emails a week from our listeners/viewers asking for our restaurant selection.

Steve O & Rene just finished their first year of The Eat & Critique Show. They have gone from AM to FM radio with by hooking up with Clear Channel Radio WZZR 94.3 FM.

Co-Host Steve O has had multiple successful radio shows in South Florida. He graduated from the Florida Culinary Institute but decide early on he liked writing about food and restaurants rather than cooking in the kitchen. Steve O has written for such publications as The Boca Raton News, Boca Life Magazine, The Jewish Journal, and The Parklander. He has written 2 cookbooks, one for adults who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen and one for children. Steve O has been involved in radio for 8 years with three successful shows.

Steve O also graduated from the prestigious Dr Kenneth Cooper Institute in Dallas Texas. Together with Rene and Steve O be prepared to sit back, take notes, and get ready for a high flying hour of the ride of your life.