About Us

Steven and Rene have a taste for radio and restaurants so they whipped up a broadcast meal called "S Florida Eat & Critique Radio Show." The recipe is simple: Stir together two hosts, lots of free stuff (like coupons for dinner and a show), and callers ready to spread the word about their favorite restaurants. Then serve the whole mixture piping hot on radio.

"I love to eat and I love to talk - so here we are," Steven says.

"We're not the critics," Steven says, "we're the hosts, and it's the callers who make the recommendations for different South Florida restaurants."

The couple stockpile the recommendations, and runs them on their website as well as discusses them on their show each week.

The pair of S Florida radio veterans feel there is such a void in good restaurant talk where dining is so important. On the weekends sometimes it's the first question of the day "Where should we eat tonight?"

Steven & Rene say that once they explored the South Florida dining market and found out that it had more than 5,000 restaurants and that being food fans figured the "S Florida Eat & Critique Radio Show " - could be a money-maker.

"I figured we could build this into a good business," Steven says. "We knew that talk (radio) is hot, where to eat is always top of mind, and people love to win free stuff."

Both Steven & Rene like to focus on the "mom and pop" restaurants as much as the big names. The show's commercial rates are inexpensive and even a small establishments can get the word out about their restaurant.

The show will feature interviews with local and national chefs, a regular segment on recipes, callers calling in with positive and negative reports regarding local restaurants and even remote broadcasts from restaurants. In addition, every caller's name goes into the "Crock Pot" for prize drawings each week for dinners for 2.

"Each week we do a theme on the show," Rene says,. "It could be anything - neighborhood restaurants, service, good delis, tipping." We can teach newcomers to dining on how to order which wines to go with their meals to impress that special date.

"S Florida Eat & Critique Radio Show" marks just the latest step in Steven's long radio-career trek. Steven & Rene always thought if there was only a local show that educated people on local restaurants from dress to patio dining or if the restaurant had an outdoor smoking section too and if the restaurant offered a kids menu would become a local hit.

"I was interested in radio ever since I was a little kid," says Steven, who always speaks in a so-called radio voice. "Radio's a disease, once it gets in your blood." When Rene started coming on my last radio show we received so many emails regarding our chemistry and Rene's sense of humor that I thought our new radio show would be both entertaining and educational.

Steven had a the highly popular fitness and eating show for 5 years as well as his Leave it in God's Hand Radio Show he did for 6 months till the radio station was sold .

Both Steven & Rene feel the S Florida Eat & Critique Radio Show will develop an almost cult like following where people always like talking about their favorite restaurants as well as their not so favorite eatery.

Rene has always been a critique in the area of dining and she even boast with great accuracy how she can tell if a restaurant will make it or not.

We will offer remotes from our favorite restaurants and sponsors broken down by Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County.

Restaurants have always been top of mind in S Florida and now there will be a new platform for locals to express their favorite restaurants and why.